Thursday, January 3, 2008

Washington D.C. For Cruisers

GETTING THERE: We leave from either Reedville, Va. or Solomons, Md. and it takes us two and a half days to get to Washington Channel averaging 6.2 mph on flat water no current. Anchorages in the Potomac that we have used and liked: St. Marys River, Herring Ck. located just north of 38-10', Lower Machodoc Ck. 38-10'/76-40', Canoe Neck Ck. 38-15'/76-44', Port Tobacco River @ Chapel Point 38-28'/77-02', Mattawoman Ck. 38-33'/77-12' in bay opposite Deep Pt. deeper than charted. Mt. Vernon free dock 38-42'/77-05' to visit Mt Vernon.

WHERE TO STAY: Anchor in Washington Channel, 2 anchors required. Dingy to Gangplank Marina $10/day 202-554-5000 or Capital Yacht Club $15/day 202-488-8110.

HOW TO GET AROUND: CIRCILATOR BUS, look for Red Cylinder across from Channel Inn Hotel behind Gangplank Marina, comes every 10 mins. $1 dollar for 4 hours generally accepted all day, GET TRANSFER for reboarding. Routes brochures are available on the bus.

METRO (subway) ( Walk to right out of Gangplank on Maine St. to WATERFRONT/SEU STATION in parking lot of Safeway Grocery Store, this station may be closed due to constrution. Walk out of Gangplank across Maine St. then left to 7th St. to "D" St. this is L'Enfant PLAZA station and a main transfer point, we generally used this station. $20 pass gives you $22 worth, you will easily use this.

GROCERY STORES: Walk to Safeway or take Red circulator bus to Giant ask driver for location. Safeway has wine and beer and is a much nicer store, both are very friendly, happy places to shop.

SMITHSONIAN CASTLE 1000 JEFFERSON Dr. is the information center for the museums open 8:30-5:30. Go here first.

HELPFUL HINT FOR ALL MUSEUMS: Go in at 10 AM start upstairs, most tourists are downstairs...



AIR AND SPACE : Down 7th St. to Maryland Av. go right museum across Independance Av.

NATURAL HISTORY: Take Circulator bus to Independance transfer to Mall Loop Circulator get off in front of museum, 14 St. and Constitution Av.

POSTAL MUSEUM: Mass Av. and 1st St. NE across from Union Station Circulator Bus from Marina transfer to Yellow Circulator to Union Station. Go in afternoon and enjoy good happy hour at Capital City Brewery in same building!

NATIONAL ZOO: Metro from L'Enfant Plaza Orange or Green line to Gallery Place/China Town transfer to Red Line to Shady Grove, get off at Woodley Park stop, walk north out of station...good sandwitches in 7-11 across from zoo entrance.

AIR AND SPACE MUSEUM @ UDVAR-HAZY CENTER: Metro Bus "5A" catch it at the NE corner of 7th & D St. SW across from L'Enfant Plaza. Go to Dullas Airport ($3 correct change only) Catch museum shuttle at same location for 50 cents.

NATIONAL GALLERY OF ART: Madison Dr. between 3rd and 7th Sts. NW. go to see thee the buildings even if you aren't interin the art.

MOUNT VERNON: Yellow Line to Hunnington Station transfer to bus 101 @ gate "E" which is the last bus in the line up outside of station. This takes you to front door of Mount Vernon. DON'T MISS MOUNT VERNON!!!!

KENNEDY CENTER: Orange line to Vienna-Fairfax, Foggy Bottom stop-look for sign at exit for free shuttle every 15 minutes. Operates 10:00AM-Midnight M-F, Noon-Midnight on Saturday & Sunday. Take tour which last about 2 hours. DON'T MISS!!!! There is a free show every night at 6:00 PM. 365 days a year. There is no dress code in the Center. The shows at night that you pay for can be great. Great overview of city on the balcony....take your camera

MUSEUM OF HEALTH: At Walter Reed Army Hospital, Red line to Glenmont, Tocoma stop, free shuttle bus to the hospital. Ask hospital information for directions to museum. DON'T MISS!!!!!!!!!!

ARLINGTON CEMETARY: Blue line to Franconia-Springfield, Arlington Stop. Make sure to see the Women'a Memorial and Lee's house.

LIBRARY OF CONGRESS MUSEUM: Adams Bldg. Pennsylvania Av. & 2nd. St. NE.

HOLOCAUST MUSEUM: Independance & 14th St. SW get free tickets the day before you go. We enjoyed this museum a lot.

VOICE OF AMERICA: Independance and 4th St. SW Very good you will see the studios radio and TV. of actual broadcast.

NATIONAL BUILDING MUSEUM: "F" St. between 4th & 5th NW Green or Orange line to Gallery Place-Chinatown.

WHITEHOUSE VISITOR CENTER: Pennsylvania Av. & 14th St. This will show more than the Whitehouse Tour that you must have a Congressmens letter to do.

FBI BUILDING: Pennsylvania Av. & 9th St. NW get there early, but well worth it.

UNION STATION: Don't miss lunch here and walk around inside.

ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA: Yellow to Hunnington, King St. stop walk down King St. to waterfront, have lunch at Bugsy's, all you can eat salad and pizza for $6.95 very good. address is 111 King St. DON'T MISS ALEXANDRIA!!!!!!!!!

OLD POST OFFICE PAVILLION: Pennsylvania Av. between 11th & 12th St. NW go up elevators for overview of city.

BOTANIC GARDENS: Independance Av. & 1st. St. go in mornings before it gets to hot..

NICE WALK: Left out of Gangplank, past fish market to Maine St., to Independance Av. This places you to visit Lincoln, Jefferson, FDR, WWII, Viet Nam, And Korean Memorials. Yoy may also cross the bridge near Lincoln Memorial to Arlington Cemetary.

EASTERN MARKET: Orange line to New Carrolton, Eastern Market stop. Every Saturday there is a big farmers market/flea market. Also a nice indoor meat, poultry and seafood market. Farmers Market also on Friday mornings at the Agriculture Building. Fun place to visit and eat lunch. You can get there walking, go up Independance to the "Hill" and about 4 blocks beyond. Either way you choose to go ask someone how to get to the Market once you get there, or try my's between 6th and 7th Sts. and "E" St. and South Carolina Av. NE. Down 8th St. is good lunch spots, also at 8th and "I" st. is Headquarters Marine Corps. On Friday night at 8:00 there is a free silent drill team performance.

WHERE TO EAT: to any Smithsonian Museum!!!!!!

Now for the good, inexspensive places...ANY FEDERAL BUILDING, ie Supreme Court, Senate or House office buildings, Agriculture building. Ronald Reagan Building 1/2 block north of Constitution Av. on 14th St. NW food court in basement. The DC information center is here also. We bought a CD with pictures and music of the area for $12.95 there. This is near the Washington Monument. Union Station has a large array of venders with a variety of food. McDonalds at 4th and "C" sts. SW open until 10:00PM seven days a week is nearest to marinas. Fresco Pizza 800 "K" st. NW is in food court in basement, this is near China Town. IHOP Orange line Vienna-Fairfax, Ballsron stop 1/2 block from station. Jackeys down "H" st. NW 1/2 block off 7th st. in China Town, it's on left side of street. Ballston Mall Orange line to Vienna-Fairfax, Ballston stop, go through metro center, up escalator, down hall through National Science Foundation Building, cross skywalk to large Mall, eat at Chevys Fresh Mex, food is good and inexspensive, check drink prices BEFORE you order one!!! Pentagon City and Crystal City Malls are on Yellow line to Hunington, Pentagon City or Crystal City stops, both have nice food courts and lots of stores. Shops at Georgetown Circulator bus to Georgetown, get off at 30th st. mall is mostly hidden between Wisconsin St. and 33rd St., look for red doormat with "Shops of Georgetown" on it. South side of street. It's quite a place, mostly underground. Legal Seafood 704 7th St. NW take circulator bus up 7th st.

HAPPY HOUR: District Chop House 509 7th st. NW take Circulator bus up 7th st. get off at "D" St NW walk 1/2 block north look for burgandy awning. microbrews...Tell Rich and Megan we sent you.

HARDWARE STORE: Fraggers Hardware Store (Ace) 1703 Pennsylvania Av. NE, this is in Eastern Market area. Go see it even if you don't need anything.

TIPS: Smithsonian Museums open at 10:00 AM start at top floor, tourists will be downstairs!!

$20 Metro Pass will get you $22 of rides (you will use it) cash, debit or credit accepted.

Board Metro after 9:30 AM and before 3 PM and after 7:00 PM for reduced fares M-F.

Don't walk past Safeway Grocery store after dark and be careful if you do at all...nothing
down there anyway. Other than that we felt safe day or night anywhere in the City at
all times.

Use L'Enfant Plazza Metro Station coming home after dark, exit station at "7th & "D" St.
L'Enfant Plazza" Exit, walk down 7th St. to marina or Yacht Club. This is safe.